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Calling all runners, slimmers, coffee drinkers, cake makers, parachutists and others with fundraising talents. We need your energy and enthusiasm!

Organising a fundraising event is a great way to raise much needed cash for Hearing Link, while also meeting new people and having fun. We can provide you with ideas for fundraising and support materials and help organise your event.

Take a look at some of our fundraising stories - and be inspired to contact us today. Thank you!

78 year old skydiver

Stewart risks all for Hearing Link 

Stewart Simpson skydives for Hearing Link 

For someone who retired at the age of 65, thirteen years ago, our Vice President Stewart Simpson continues "to grow old disgracefully" (his words). Some eight months after retirement at the end of 1999 he was diagnosed as having cancer. An operation followed and two years later he ran his first marathon (London) at the age of 67 raising money for Cancer Research UK.

He and his wife Valerie have travelled widely since retirement, though she did not go with him when climbing Kilimanjaro, walking the Inca Trail, and visiting Mali - including the fabled city of Timbuktu.

Now aged 78 he has just completed his most daring venture to date - a tandem Skydive from 12,000 feet. The first 7,000 feet were freefall reaching speeds of 120 mph with the parachute opening at 5,000 feet and a relatively tranquil glide down to earth. Watch Stewart's video. (So sorry, no subtitles).

Ask him why he should do such a thing he replied "I've long been impressed by Hearing Link and been involved with the organisation as a member of the Board, as Chairman, and now as Vice President. I just wanted to help." 

Stewart went on to say how much he enjoyed being involved. "With so many Hearing Link fund-raising initiatives on offer the Skydive attracted me most. It was, and is, a chance to raise funds for Hearing Link and to gain greater recognition of the work it does. I hope others will feel encouraged to do likewise - though not necessarily to Skydive!''

Take on the Hearing Link Skydiving Challenge!

Here’s a hairy story! …

 Beautifully smooth legs for Gary

Gary Brook's sponsored leg wax

Volunteer Gary Brook was very keen to raise money for Hearing Link in addition to coming in to lend a helping hand at the office each week. 

He decided that to have his legs waxed would be a great way to raise money and more awareness of Hearing Link and hearing loss.  

Gary took the plunge and had his legs waxed at the 3rd International Loop Conference which some delegates, including the Swedish contingent, found too much to bear. 

Paula–Jayne’s Beauty carried out the waxing in a very professional manner - so much so that Gary barely screamed. He must be tough! 

That said, his face was a picture throughout the waxing which was caught on camera and video. Gary now has two beautifully smooth legs and has raised over £150 for Hearing Link.

Thank you and well done Gary!



Cycling for Charity  

Paul raises over £800


Paul Parsons has been an advocate for hearing loss and Hearing Link for many years, but we were still thrilled and surprised when he contacted the Fundraising Team about his challenge for our charity. 

Paul told us that he was planning to cycle from Workington, near Cockermouth to Tynemouth, near Newcastle upon Tyne. Paul, who was on top of the training required for this 140 mile off road biking trek from west to east coast of England, quickly got round to fundraising. By the time he had returned, he had already raised over £540! 

Paul said that the route was really tough - on the second day, for example, he had climbed over 5,000 feet! The weather was not very good either, which made this a truly challenging cycle route. 

Hearing Link is exceptionally grateful to Paul for spending three days pushing himself beyond his known limits and for raising a final total of over £800.  It was certainly well earned!

Thank you so much Paul


Running for Autumn Gold

Running a marathon to help my mum


The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon was a huge success again this year and we were very proud of the three ladies who ran for us. 

Mel, Nikki and Kerry trained very hard, and the fact that none of them had ever run before, meant this was a big achievement for all of them.

Melanie de Lacy Staunton chose to run for Hearing Link on Sunday 6th October, and here is why 'My mum has struggled with hearing loss for as long as I can remember. The fact that she says she’s “switching off” when she takes out her hearing aids is probably the best way I can describe how severe the loss is.

Obviously there are small problems that arise with hearing loss, our skype sessions are a tad tricky to say the least, and her alarm is like a fog horn that goes off every morning and she can never hear it. Honestly, it’s torture!

But on a serious note, I feel like the impact of hearing loss on someone’s life gets massively overlooked. It can be very isolating, as simple things like going out for dinner can be a nightmare - everywhere has loud music and background noise, which makes it really hard to focus on what anyone is saying.

It’s tough to see my mum sitting there, not being able to partake in the conversation - my family love to converse!!

It’s a really frustrating disability to have, and yet hearing loss is a very hard one to have empathy for, and of course, there are some really serious problems that arise from not being able to hear.'

Mel raised over £1,250 and finished the race in 2 hours and 15 minutes – not bad at all for her first time!

We can’t thank her enough for not only raising so much money but also for highlighting the issues that surround hearing loss on a daily basis. Sign up for the Royal Parks 2014.

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Hearing Link Raffle


Councillor David Tutt dropped in to Hearing Link's head office in Eastbourne on Thursday 12th December 2013 to draw their annual Christmas Raffle. 

Eight prizes worth over £1000 were up for grabs, with the first prize of £500 cash going to Mrs Walker in Berkshire. The raffle raised over £3000 to support Hearing Link.

For full results of the draw contact the fundraising team on 0300 111 1113 or email fundraising@hearinglink.org.

Photo: Councillor David Tutt (centre) with Hearing Link staff.

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